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Trailers for Hire

Trailer And Low Loader Hire In Country Durham. We supply Ifor Williams trailor and a heavy duty low loader for daily hire.

Ifor Williams GH94 (from £45/day)

Product Specifications

  • Tyres: 195/55R10C
  • Gross Weight: 2700kg
  • Payload: 2200kg
  • Interior Width: 1310mm/4’3”
  • Interior Length: 2795mm/9’1”


The GH94 is an extremely versatile plant trailer.

  • Tracked excavators
  • Many items of wheeled equipment
  • Rollers
  • Variety of access platforms
  • A 24mm thick platform makes the GH94 particularly suitable for transporting a wide selection of plant
  • The 9’ length of the GH94 provides ample loading space behind the rear axle
  • Enables a full range of miniexcavators to be loaded
  • More central centre of gravity
  • Available with 195/55R10C tyres, or 165R13C tyres
  • Beavertail specification to maintain loading angle of 13°
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Ifor Williams GH1054 (from £45/day)

Product Specifications

  • Tyres: 185/7013C
  • Gross Weight: 3500kg
  • Payload: 2840Kg
  • Interior Width: 1626mm/5’4”
  • Interior Length: 3045mm/9’11”


The GH1054 offers one of the highest payloads ever produced by Ifor Williams Trailers. With its robust, welded construction the GH1054 is a rugged trailer for demanding conditions.
The GH1054 is suitable for transporting a wide selection of plant-tracked excavators plus wheeled equipment such as rollers and access platforms.

  • Three self-supporting knife-edge options are available on the GH94 and GH1054 models.
  • The 3’9” mesh infill ramp provides the benefits of a full width ramp
  • The 4’9” bevelled ramp offers a reduced loading angle of 13° and the ramp is bevelled to help guide the tracks or wheels of the plant being loaded.
  • The 4’9” skids offers all the benefits of the bevelled ramp with further flexibility for easier loading of narrower plant e.g. access platforms.
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Ifor Williams Horse Box HB511 (from £45/day)

Product Specifications

  • Tyres: 165R13C
  • Gross Weight: 2700kg
  • Overall Height: 2.75m
  • Interior Width: 2.22m
  • Interior Length: 4.65m
  • Stall Width: 0.89m


The Ifor Williams horsebox trailer range has been designed with you and your horse in mind.

  • Will carry two 17.2hh horses
  • Pair of side windows
  • Large inspection window
  • Centre partitions and breast and breeching bars
  • Clip-On number plate holder
PDF Specification

Ifor Williams Car Trailer CT177 (from £45/day)

Product Specifications

  • Tyres:
  • Gross Weight: 3500kg
  • Unladen Weight: 805kg
  • Overall Width: 2.3m
  • Overall Length: 6.7m


A versatile transporter, wide enough for most light commercials and narrow enough for the smaller car, the CT177 is the ideal trailer for the motor trade or hire professional.

  • Tilt bed action
  • Pull out mini-skids
  • Winch options available
  • Quick and efficient loading
PDF Specification

Ifor Williams Box Van BV106H/R (from £45/day)

Product Specifications

  • Tyres:
  • Gross Weight: 3500kg
  • Overall Height: 2.3m
  • Overall Width: 2.3m
  • Overall Length: 4.7m


For people who have bulky and/or heavy loads to move, the BV6 range is the ideal choice. With parallel side walls and no wheel arch intrusions, the space inside these trailers is cavernous.

  • Carrying capacity up to 14.38m3
  • Available in lengths of 10ft or 12ft
  • Two headroom options: 6ft and 7ft
  • Innovative ramp/door feature
PDF Specification

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